Phase-out Announcement-D1-N Series Servo Drives

Thank you for your interest and support in our products. For better service and shorter lead time, several models of D1-N series servo drives will be phased out. The phase-out models are listed in table 2. For alternative models, please refer to table 1.

Encoder D1-N model number
(tenth code)
Status Alternative model number
(tenth code)
EnDat 2.1/2.2 with
Standard (Digital/Analog)
0 Phase-out 2 or 9
Standard (Digital/Analog) 2 Available NA
Resolver 4 Available NA
BiSS-C 5 Phase-out 9
Nikon 7 Phase-out 9
*Multi-Encoder 9 Available NA
We are expecting CE certification approvals for Multi-Encoder model in August, 2019.

The alternative model has identical functions, properties and installation dimensions to the original model. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any question, please contact your local distributor.


Appendix phase-out models of D1-N series servo drives
                                                  Table 2
  Phase-out model   HIWIN part number
  D1-N-09-S0-2-0-00   FD000MD60004
  D1-N-09-S5-2-0-00   FD000MD60035
  D1-N-09-S7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-09-E0-2-0-00   FD000MD60005
  D1-N-09-E5-2-0-00   FD000MD60015
  D1-N-09-E7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-09-F0-2-0-00   FD000MD60008
  D1-N-09-F5-2-0-00   FD000MD60034
  D1-N-09-F7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-09-M0-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-09-M5-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-09-M7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-S0-2-0-00   FD000MD61004
  D1-N-18-S5-2-0-00   FD000MD61019
  D1-N-18-S7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-E0-2-0-00   FD000MD61005
  D1-N-18-E5-2-0-00   FD000MD61015
  D1-N-18-E7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-F0-2-0-00   FD000MD61008
  D1-N-18-F5-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-F7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-M0-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-M5-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-18-M7-2-0-00   NA
  D1-N-36-S0-2-1-00   FD000MD62004
  D1-N-36-S5-2-1-00   FD000MD62019
  D1-N-36-S7-2-1-00   FD000MD62024
  D1-N-36-E0-2-1-00   FD000MD62005
  D1-N-36-E5-2-1-00   FD000MD62015
  D1-N-36-E7-2-1-00   NA
  D1-N-36-F0-2-1-00   FD000MD62008
  D1-N-36-F5-2-1-00   NA
  D1-N-36-F7-2-1-00   NA
  D1-N-36-M0-2-1-00   NA
  D1-N-36-M5-2-1-00   NA
  D1-N-36-M7-2-1-00   NA
  D1-N-90-S0-6-0-00   FD000MD70002
  D1-N-90-S5-6-0-00   FD000MD70040
  D1-N-90-S7-6-0-00   NA
  D1-N-90-E0-6-0-00   FD000MD70003
  D1-N-90-E5-6-0-00   FD000MD70041
  D1-N-90-E7-6-0-00   NA
  D1-N-90-F0-6-0-00   FD000MD70008
  D1-N-90-F5-6-0-00   FD000MD70042
  D1-N-90-F7-6-0-00   NA
  D1-N-90-M0-6-0-00   NA
  D1-N-90-M5-6-0-00   FD000MD70043
  D1-N-90-M7-6-0-00   NA
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