Learning and Development

Learning Together, Growing Together

Multi-learning activities at HIWIN

Multi-learning activities at HIWIN

Growth with HIWIN is our concern for our employees. Every HIWIN employee is entitled to training based on his competency needs.

Learning organization at HIWIN

Learning organization at HIWIN

We arrange a range of training activities and encourage our employees to learn together and develop self-motivated learning.

Expertise at HIWIN

Expertise at HIWIN

From upper management to general employees, selfless sharing and mutual learning are encouraged to keep you growing!

Diversified learning

Comprehensive and Inspiring Learning Resources


A Career at HIWIN A Wonderful Life

#Life with Hiwin

Grow and discover more with HIWIN.


Step out of your comfort zone and challenge the future.

#strive to the tip-top

Pursue excellence and achieve the unrivaled.

#keep going

Make continuous improvement and remain competitive at all times