Established September, 1997
Founder Eric Y. T. Chuo
Employees 660 (November,2018)
Global Headquarters Taichung, Taiwan
Global Sales And Customer Service Site Germany, Japan, USA, Czech Republic,Switzerland, Italy,Israel
R&D Centers Of HIWIN Group Moscow(Russia),Haifa(Israel)

Management Philosophy

To integrate global resources for continuous innovation

To provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind, to achieve the goal of continuous operation through practices of professional excellence, working enthusiasm, and enterprise responsibility.

  • 專業水準

    professional Excellence

  • 工作熱誠

    Working Enthusiasm

  • 職業道德

    Enterprise Responsibility



Devote to promoting linear motion products of HIWIN Mikrosystem.
Motivate customers to create innovation value and enhance competitiveness to become a market winner.


To provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind


Improve the awareness of EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety)

Educate colleagues to enhance the awareness of EHS,and continuously communicate with manufacturers and customers on the issues of EHS.


Comply with regulations

Comply with government EHS regulations and other requirements.


Prevent accidents

To provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for employees as well as to maximize profit for shareholders.


Reduce industrial wastes

Be secure and legal on treatment for discard material and enduringly proceed the deduction of industrial wastes.


Save energy

Protect natural resources and economize the use of energy.


Participate actively

Promote the prevention work of occupational health & safety to reduce its hazard and risk, and also carry on the improvement to the target of "zero accident".

Hiwin will make all employees comprehensively understand and keep on the execution of our environmental protection and occupational health & safety policy through the internal audits and continuous training. Besides, Hiwin will convey this policy to those, who work or stand for the organization to work, through suitable media to let all relative organizations realize Hiwin's definite determination upon the management of environmental protection to the earth and occupational health & safety for all HIWIN employees.