Phase-out Announcement-D1-09&18 & D1-N Series Drives

The following products already have the same or better specifications, and thus will stop production and be replaced by new models.

The discontinued models and their replacements are as follows: 
  • Discontinued product: Drive  
  • Discontinued models: Complete series of D1-09/18 drive and D1-N drive
  • Effective Date: 
    • Conversion to made-to-order production: 2021.06.30
    • Deadline of order acceptance: 2021.12.31
    • Date of discontinuation: 2022.05.31
    • Deadline for service: 2025.05.31 *1
    • *1 Service is prevented by the discontinuation of electronic accessories. Please understand.  
  • Recommended replacement:   
  • Please refer to the models recommended below to replace discontinued models. You are advised to select the most suitable models according to your actual needs as the recommended replacement models are only for references.  
  •  Discontinued Model    Replacement Model
     D1-09  ED1x-xx-0422
     D1-18  ED1x-xx-1022
     D1-N-09  ED1x-xx-0422
     D1-N-18  ED1x-xx-1022
     D1-N-36  ED1x-xx-2032
     D1-N-90  ED1x-xx-4032
     D1-N-90 *1  ED1x-xx-5033
  • *1.  Power input at 400 VAC.
If discontinued models are required, please inquire your local distributor for stock status. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.  
  • Date of change: 2021.08.01  

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