Modification Notice-LMFA Series Motor Appearance Modification

Thank you for your interest and support in our products.
Please be kindly notified for the change on the appearance of LMFA series Motor:
  • Modified Product : LMFA series
          From HM12FFA□□A00 (anodized black) to HM12FFB□□A00 (w/o anodization)  
  • Modification Details : 
Before (anodized black)
After (w/o anodization)
  • LMFA Part No. Reference Table: 
LMFA□□(1M) Part No.
(Optional Spec.)
Part No.
(Standard Spec.)
LMFA□□L(1M) Part No.
(Optional Spec.)
Part No.
(Standard Spec.)
LMFA01(1M) HM12FFA01A00 HM12FFB01A00 LMFA01L(1M) HM12FFA0JF00 HM12FFB0JA00
LMFA02(1M) HM12FFA02A00 HM12FFB02A00 LMFA02L(1M) HM12FFA0KF00 HM12FFB0KA00
LMFA03(1M) HM12FFA03A00 HM12FFB03A00 LMFA03L(1M) HM12FFA0MF00 HM12FFB0MA00
LMFA11(1M) HM12FFA11A00 HM12FFB11A00 LMFA11L(1M) HM12FFA1JF00 HM12FFB1JA00
LMFA12(1M) HM12FFA12A00 HM12FFB12A00 LMFA12L(1M) HM12FFA1KF00 HM12FFB1KA00
LMFA13(1M) HM12FFA13A00 HM12FFB13A00 LMFA13L(1M) HM12FFA1MF00 HM12FFB1MA00
LMFA14(1M) HM12FFA14A00 HM12FFB14A00 LMFA14L(1M) HM12FFA1NF00 HM12FFB1NA00
LMFA21(1M) HM12FFA21A00 HM12FFB21A00 LMFA21L(1M) HM12FFA2JF00 HM12FFB2JA00
LMFA22(1M) HM12FFA22A00 HM12FFB22A00 LMFA22L(1M) HM12FFA2KF00 HM12FFB2KA00
LMFA23(1M) HM12FFA23A00 HM12FFB23A00 LMFA23L(1M) HM12FFA2MF00 HM12FFB2MA00
LMFA24(1M) HM12FFA24A00 HM12FFB24A00 LMFA24L(1M) HM12FFA2NF00 HM12FFB2NA00
LMFA31(1M) HM12FFA31A00 HM12FFB31B00 LMFA31L(1M) HM12FFA3JF00 HM12FFB3JA00
LMFA32(1M) HM12FFA32A00 HM12FFB32A00 LMFA32L(1M) HM12FFA3KF00 HM12FFB3KA00
LMFA33(1M) HM12FFA33A00 HM12FFB33A00 LMFA33L(1M) HM12FFA3MF00 HM12FFB3MA00
LMFA34(1M) HM12FFA34A00 HM12FFB34A00 LMFA34L(1M) HM12FFA3NF00 HM12FFB3NA00
LMFA41(1M) HM12FFA41A00 HM12FFB41A00 LMFA41L(1M) HM12FFA4JF00 HM12FFB4JA00
LMFA42(1M) HM12FFA42A00 HM12FFB42A00 LMFA42L(1M) HM12FFA4KF00 HM12FFB4KA00
LMFA43(1M) HM12FFA43A00 HM12TVSV0100 LMFA43L(1M) HM12FFA4MF00 HM12FFB4MA00
LMFA44(1M) HM12FFA44A00 HM12TVSV0300 LMFA44L(1M) HM12FFA4NF00 HM12FFB4NA00
LMFA52(1M) HM12FFA52A00 HM12FFB52A00 LMFA52L(1M) HM12FFA5KF00 HM12FFB5KA00
LMFA53(1M) HM12FFA53A00 HM12FFB53A00 LMFA53L(1M) HM12FFA5MF00 HM12FFB5MA00
LMFA54(1M) HM12FFA54A00 HM12FFB54A00 LMFA54L(1M) HM12FFA5NF00 HM12FFB5NA00
LMFA62(1M) HM12FFA62A00 HM12FFB62A00 LMFA62L(1M) HM12FFA6KF00 HM12FFB6KA00
LMFA63(1M) HM12FFA63A00 HM12FFB63A00 LMFA63L(1M) HM12FFA6MF00 HM12FFB6MA00
LMFA64(1M) HM12FFA64A00 HM12FFB64A00 LMFA64L(1M) HM12FFA6NF00 HM12FFB6NA00
  • Reason for modification : 
          According to the market requirement, the product without anodizing process is listed as a LMFA standard product. Keep the anodizing process as a product option.  

Effective Dat:   Oct. 21, 2021
Yours sincerely,
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