Modification Notice – Linear Motor Forcer LMC-EF Series

Thank you for your interest and support in our products.
For better and easier installation, some specifications are modified. Please kindly refer below detailed information:
  • Modified Product: Linear Motor LMC Series
  • Modified Models: Linear Motor Forcer LMC-EF Series 
  • Modification Details:
      1. The mounting holes specification of Linear Motor Forcer LMC-EF Series is modified as below: 
     Forcer Models        Before Modification      After Modification  

Through hole

Blind hole

    2. Reference Chart of Mounting Hole Specification of Linear Motor Forcer LMC-EF Series:
   Forcer Models   Before Modification        After Modification       
   LMC-EFC      LMC-EFC1       2-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP)    2-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFC2 6-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 6-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFC3 10-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 10-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFC4 14-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 14-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFE LMC-EFE1 2-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 2-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFE2 6-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 6-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFE3 10-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 10-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFE4 14-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 14-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFE5 18-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 18-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFE6 22-M4x0.7P THRU(16.4 DP) 22-M4x0.7Px12DP
LMC-EFF LMC-EFF1 2-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 2-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF2 6-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 6-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF3 10-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 10-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF4 14-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 14-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF5 18-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 18-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF6 22-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 22-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF7 26-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 26-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF8 30-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 30-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFF9 34-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 34-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFFA 38-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 38-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFFB 42-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 42-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFFC 46-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 46-M5x0.8Px12DP
LMC-EFFD 50-M5x0.8P THRU(20.6 DP) 50-M5x0.8Px12DP

Note 1: The mounting holes pitch of The LMC-EF Series does not change.
Note 2: Please screw with appropriate length of screws.
  • Modification Purpose:
      1.    For better and easier installation
      2.    The product performance and specification are not affected by this modification.

Effective Date of Modification: Aug. 19, 2019
Hiwin Mikrosystem Corp.
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