HIWIN Mikrosystem: Expertise of Linear Motion and Positioning Control Solutions

HIWIN / 11. 17. 2021

About HIWIN Mikrosystem

HIWIN Mikrosystem has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of components, systems and equipment for linear motion and positioning control. With a complete product line, we provide different types of high-speed precision positioning platforms, robots, linear motors, torque motors, direct drive motors, servo motors, linear actuators and positioning measuring systems. Our product applications span various precision industries, such as semiconductor, biotech, automation, machine tool and construction.

Headquartered in Taiwan, HIWIN Mikrosystem has established a subsidiary in Israel and sales offices in USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and Singapore etc. HIWIN Mikrosystem Corp. was certificated ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and was awarded several national awards. Our philosophy of management is to integrate global resources for continuous innovation and to provide high value-added products to customers through the practice of innovation, quality, and service.

HIWIN Mikrosystem is the driving force for the "direct drive precision technology". Since its founding in 1997, it has constantly accumulated experiences and become the first "advanced direct drive technology" leading brand of Taiwan.

HIWIN Mikrosystem has constantly improved its independent R&D technology and capability. With the headquarters in Taiwan as the center, we have set up R&D centers both at home and abroad, with more than 200 researchers engaging in the R&D of new products and "key processes". We have accumulated many years of excellent energy, had more than 500 patents, met the requirements of precision technology, played a role in “precision positioning technology” that enables one to see an ant in Manhattan, New York from outer space”, and been committed to becoming the best partner to assist global precision equipment customers to achieve success.

Scope of Products

HIWIN Mikrosystem has all the motion control systems and components required not only for general automation, but semiconductor, electronic, automotive, packing industry, and machine tool. Using all those components and systems, you can maintain a more efficient, error-free, and safer facility while maximizing productivity. HIWIN electronics complement our motion control components and stages, giving engineers a guaranteed compatible single-source supply for the motion control sub-system.

Hiwin Mikrosystem offers a variety of sizes of AC Servo Motors, Drives, and the HIMC Controller. Our AC servo motor is featured with high speed, low torque. With auto tuning drive, AC servo motor can be controlled in a high-precision, low noise, high response, and high instantaneous output way. Otherwise, our motor operating with current, speed and position control mode is allowed as needed. DC brush motor is the easiest to use, it can operate directly without drive.

HIWIN Mikrosystem’s LMSSA linear motor is a direct drive, plug and play solution. A linear motor is capable of fast acceleration and high speed, while providing unmatched precision and accuracy. HIWIN offers standardized linear motor design, but customizable options are available. LMSSA linear motor is a cost-saving variant of this product group. The cost advantage is achieved through consistent reduction to the essentials and limitation of the options and variants available as standard. This significantly reduces manufacturing costs, while at the same time, the LMSSA stage offers all advantages of a conventional linear motor axis. These compact and lightweight units are customizable and can be easily transformed into a multi-axis system, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, depending on the application needs.

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